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01 July 2024

Understanding BRC-20: The New Token Standard on Bitcoin

BRC-20 is a Bitcoin token standard for creating fungible tokens, like Ethereum's ERC-20. It enables decentralized apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin, expanding possibilities for DeFi and tokenized assets.
04 June 2024

How Cryptocurrencies are Transforming the Financial Landscape for Businesses

Explore how cryptocurrencies are transforming businesses by enhancing transaction efficiency, opening new markets, and providing innovative fundraising options, while improving security and transparency in financial operations.
06 May 2024

Understanding the Distinction: Crypto Trader vs. Crypto Investor

Explore the nuanced differences between crypto traders and investors in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.
01 April 2024

Unraveling the Magic of Peer-to-Peer Networks

Explore the fascinating world of peer-to-peer networks in this illuminating article. Discover how these decentralized architectures revolutionize digital communication and resource sharing, offering resilience, efficiency, and democratization.
04 March 2024

Decoding Cryptocurrency Valuation: Methods and Considerations

Understanding how to calculate the value of a cryptocurrency is essential for investors navigating the dynamic and often volatile digital asset market.
05 February 2024

Understanding the Thrills and Risks of Cryptocurrency Speculation

Dive into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency speculation in this insightful article, exploring the thrills and risks that come with attempting to profit from short-term price movements.
01 January 2024

Understanding the Threat: The 51% Attack in Blockchain

Explore the ominous potential of a 51% attack, where a single entity gains majority control, jeopardizing the fundamental principles of decentralization.
04 December 2023

Crypto Loss Strategy: Better Ways to Go Around Cryptocurrency Investing

Explore effective strategies to navigate and mitigate losses in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency. Uncover key insights that empower you to make informed decisions and set sail towards a successful crypto journey.
06 November 2023

When Lambo? Decoding the Cryptocurrency Slang

Learn the origin and meaning behind this catchphrase that represents the crypto community's dreams of wealth and luxury, often tied to the purchase of a Lamborghini.
12 October 2023

Is Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) Still a True Bitcoin?

Exploring the Role of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC): Is It Still a True Bitcoin? Delve into the innovative concept of Wrapped Bitcoin, which bridges the worlds of Bitcoin and DeFi, but challenges Bitcoin's core principles.
05 September 2023

Can a Utility Token Also Function as a Governance Token?

Unraveling the Utility and Governance Aspects of Tokens. Can one token serve both purposes?
04 August 2023

Decoding Altcoins: Unveiling the World of Alternative Cryptocurrencies

Delve into the fascinating realm of altcoins, the innovative counterparts to Bitcoin that are reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape.
03 July 2023

Balancing Innovation and Regulation: Implications for Decentralized Exchanges

Uncovering the influence of regulations on the evolution of decentralized exchanges and their potential for growth and innovation. Discover the interplay between regulatory frameworks and the transformative power of decentralized finance.
05 June 2023

Do Cryptocurrencies Pay Dividends? Understanding Rewards and Incentives in the Crypto Space

Discover whether cryptocurrencies offer dividends and explore the different ways in which investors can earn rewards and incentives in the dynamic world of digital currencies.
08 May 2023

Why Passive Income is Crucial for Every Crypto Investor

This article discusses the importance of generating passive income for crypto investors and how it can help them achieve financial stability in the long run.
04 April 2023

The Importance of Non-Custodial Wallets in DeFi and Decentralized Exchanges

This article emphasizes the significance of non-custodial wallets in securing DeFi and DEX transactions, highlighting their role in providing users with control over their funds, interoperability, privacy, and anonymity.
20 March 2023

Stablecoins in DeFi: The Role of Stable Digital Assets in Decentralized Finance

This article explores the importance and role of stablecoins in decentralized finance (DeFi), including their stability, use in financial protocols, and potential for financial inclusion.
19 December 2022

What are "Money Legos" in DeFi?

Money legos are the building blocks of decentralized finance. These building blocks, which can be created using smart contracts on blockchain platforms, include things like stablecoins, lending and borrowing protocols, and other financial tools.
15 December 2022

What Is an Exchange-Traded Cryptocurrency Note (ETN)?

ETN or exchange-trade cryptocurrency is another type of exchange-traded product that's changing the investing landscape, providing investors with an alternative way to invest in cryptocurrencies while avoiding risks such as wallet hacks and storage issues
12 December 2022

What Is the Difference Between APR and APY?

Annual percentage rate (APR) and annual percentage yield (APY) are two important concepts that are utilized in the process of calculating the interest accrued from a wide range of loans or cryptocurrency investments.
08 December 2022

What Are Multi-Signature (Multi-Sig) Wallets, and How Do They Work?

MultiSig wallets are an essential part of any blockchain-based ecosystem and are used to safeguard the funds of users.
06 December 2022

What is Delegated Proof-of-Stake (dPOS)?

Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) is a popular extension of the Proof of Stake (PoS) idea, in which network users vote and elect delegates to validate the next block.
05 December 2022

What Is UTXO and How Does It Work?

The Unspent Transaction Output model (UTXO) plays a major role in making transactions more efficient and cost-effective, being an essential concept in crypto.
02 December 2022

Deterministic Wallet, What Is It, and What Are Its Benefits?

The concept of a deterministic wallet has been discussed by developers for years. Until recently, it's been predominantly found in Bitcoin wallets as a method to easily be able to back up and restore addresses.
01 December 2022

What Is a Decentralization Ratio?

Decentralization Ratio refers to the percentage of decentralization every token/coin has. Depending on the protocol used, this helps measure asset value.
30 November 2022

What Is the Aeternity Blockchain?

Aeternity is a platform for smart contracts and blockchain technology that goes beyond what other blockchains can do. It is designed to be error-tolerant and work well in situations with billions or more DEFI transactions.
29 November 2022

What Is the Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) And How Does It Work?

The Blockchain Transmission Protocol was created in order to facilitate blockchain interoperability, making it one of the most fascinating crypto technologies.
28 November 2022

What is Decentralized Finance 3.0?

Currently, decentralized finance is gradually moving into its third generation, which aims to provide a new blockchain-based financial system that aims to improve upon the shortcomings of the previous financial system.
25 November 2022

What Are the Various Components of DeFi Infrastructure?

DeFi components range from decentralized wallets, to payment platforms, to stablecoins. This variety of dApps appeals to the public, especially to crypto users.
24 November 2022

Swap vs Trade: What’s the Difference?

Swap and trade are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they do have subtle differences.
23 November 2022

Why is Open Source an Essential Feature of Blockchain?

Open-source technology is a public source code created by a community of developers that backs up technologies like blockchain and DeFi, based on innovation.
22 November 2022

Why Is Self-Custody Important for Crypto Holders?

Privacy is a big part of crypto. We all want to keep our private keys safe and secure, so that no one else can access them without our permission
21 November 2022

Why Are Layer-2 Solutions Important for Blockchain Projects?

Layer-2 solutions have come about because of the need to deliver less gass fees, and a more user-friendly experience for crypto enthusiasts.
18 November 2022

What Are Consensus Mechanisms, and How Does It Work?

Consensus is a very critical aspect of the blockchain. It is the process by which information, such as transaction data or block data, is distributed among nodes in a network.
16 November 2022

What Does Overcollateralized Variable Rate Lending Protocol Mean?

DeFi lending and borrowing is a great alternative to traditional loans. However, overcollateralized lending protocols are still a new and risky feature.
15 November 2022

What Is an Eclipse Attack, and How to Prevent This Attack?

There are various ways of attacks in cryptocurrency. Some are far more sophisticated than others, while others remain very primitive. An eclipse attack is one of the multiple ways in which a blockchain network can be attacked.
14 November 2022

What Is Passive Index Investing, and How Does It Work in DeFi?

Passive index investing is a popular investing strategy many crypto users swear by. However, how does it work in DeFi? Is it really that beneficial?
11 November 2022

What are Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offerings (DAICO)?

DAICOs are essentially a hybrid of ICOs and DAOs. Organizations known as DAOs run on criteria that are specified in code rather than judgments made by humans.
10 November 2022

Is Crypto Laundering Possible?

Money laundering is becoming a more pressing issue in the crypto industry because of the lack of a central banking system or a regulatory framework.
08 November 2022

Crypto Insurance, What Is It, and Why Do You Need It?

The importance of insurance in the cryptocurrency space can't be overstated. Let's look at what crypto insurance is, its advantages, and what it means to your wallet security.
07 November 2022

How Can Borrowers and Lenders Take Advantage of Decentralized Finance?

The way loans usually work is evolving and entering the digital realm. DeFi loans come with more benefits than traditional loans like speed and transparency.
04 November 2022

What Are Decentralized Digital Identities?

Instead of relying on other authorities to verify and collect your data, a decentralized digital identity lets you be in full control of personal information.
03 November 2022

Borrowing and Lending Are a Part of DeFi

Borrowing and lending are essential components of any financially sound system. They have been growing steadily since the financial crisis, with lending growing faster than other forms of finance.
02 November 2022

Why Having a Smart Choice Is Important in Getting Your First Crypto?

Having a smart choice is important in getting your first crypto because it can help you save money. By choosing the right cryptocurrency to buy, you can be sure that you won't be wasting any money on something that will never take off
01 November 2022

How Do Derivatives Work in DeFi?

Among the many existing crypto projects, DeFi derivatives are some of the most unique. Working on DeFi protocols, derivatives offer investors many benefits.
31 October 2022

What Is the Blockchain Trilemma? How Does It Affect the Ecosystem?

The Blockchain Trilemma still concerns crypto investors. Its main issues, the coexistence of decentralization, security and scalability are yet to be solved.
27 October 2022

Crowd Sale vs Private Sale

For a cryptocurrency to succeed, it is not enough to have good ideas and real use cases. It has to have the potential for growth and wide adoption. And for that, it must be easily accessible by everyone.
26 October 2022

Physical Gold or Digital Gold? Which One Is Better?

Gold, whether it's physical or digital, has remained one of the most desired investments worldwide, especially as it represents a hedge against inflation.
25 October 2022

Utility Tokens & Their Practical Applications

In the last couple of years, there has been a rising interest in cryptocurrency, which is considered by many to be a revolutionary new financial system.
24 October 2022

How Does Shilling Impact Crypto Advertising?

Crypto shilling is a very serious problem in the crypto industry. Knowing to differentiate between shilling and crypto advertising can protect you from scams.
21 October 2022

The Power of Smart Contracts in DeFi

Smart contracts are a powerful tool that can be used to create new applications in DeFi. They offer greater transparency and security for users, as the code is transparent and immutable.
20 October 2022

How Do Investors Earn on Crypto Pairs?

Crypto pair trading is a relatively advanced trading strategy that investors can use to increase their crypto portfolios and to make a profit.
19 October 2022

How to Market a DeFi Protocol?

The DeFi space is already quite crowded, and the number of protocols available keeps growing. With so many projects out there, it can be difficult or challenging to stand out from the crowd.
18 October 2022

How Can Blockchain Help Failing Economies?

Blockchain refers to more than crypto related services. Blockchain technology can help struggling economies to get back on their feet in many useful ways.
15 October 2022

Delegated Fund & DeFi

As DeFi services continue to expand, new ways to manage and grow your crypto assets are emerging almost every week, and fund delegation is one of them.
13 October 2022

What is Compound Interest in DeFi?

Compound interest is one of the most common terms in the finance industry. It's a concept that is used in the stock market and by banks, but it's becoming more popular as a way to make money from crypto investments.
12 October 2022

Mining Versus Minting Coins -- Which One Is for You?

You might be wondering what the difference is between mining coins and minting them. In fact, the creation of cryptocurrencies is a topic of continuing discussion among newbies to the blockchain and crypto industries
11 October 2022

What Is Composability in DeFi?

Composability is characteristic in DeFi systems. In short, it refers to the interaction between a system’s components, resulting in more complex offerings.
10 October 2022

The Advantages of DeFi Over Traditional Finance

Decentralized finance can definitely revolutionize the financial sector, giving a chance to unbanked people to benefit from the same services as any other person
08 October 2022

How Does a Crypto Exchange Play a Big Role in Tokens and Cryptocurrencies

Crypto exchanges play a big role in tokens and cryptocurrencies by letting users perform trade at ease using a single platform.
07 October 2022

What are Diminishing Returns in Crypto?

Diminishing return is a term used in economics to describe the phenomenon where adding more of something gives less of a return than it did before.
06 October 2022

How Influencers Can Help Grow Your Crypto Project?

One of the best ways to grow a crypto project is by choosing a crypto influencer who can bring awareness to your product. This entails a lot of due dilligence.
05 October 2022

Why Is Cashless Travel the Future?

Forget about dealing with money exchange ahead of a trip or calculating your bugget to the last cent. We’re looking at a cashless travel industry in the future.
04 October 2022

How Can You Protect Your Crypto Assets From Hackers?

If you're a cryptocurrency user, you've probably heard the news about hackers stealing millions of dollars from exchanges and other platforms. But it does not just exchange that are vulnerable; hackers can also target your wallet.
03 October 2022

Types of Blockchain Technology

When investing in crypto, you should choose the right blockchain to use. The most popular types of blockchains are public, private, consortium and hybrid.
30 September 2022

Which Crypto Wallet Is Better for You?

If you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, you must find a reliable wallet to keep them safe in. A good wallet allows you to use coins safely and easily.
29 September 2022

Difference between a Coin and Token

Although coins and tokens are fundamentally similar because they can both process payments and can be exchanged to represent value, there are actually a number differences between them.
28 September 2022

The importance of VCs and Investors in a DeFi project

Without VCs and investors, projects would have trouble attracting enough attention, to begin with, let alone finding a way to succeed.
27 September 2022

Factors That Affect the Value of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are still new kind of assets, which is why it is hard to determine their value. Most cryptocurrencies are not secured by tangible assets, making them different from traditional currencies and stocks.
27 September 2022

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Inevitable?

The crypto industry and blockchain technology embody the potential of becoming an inevitable force in the finance world: can they replace fiat currency?
19 September 2022

How do you determine the best token pairs?

Cryptocurrency coin trading pairs are assets that can be traded against each other. This is an advanced trading strategy, so you should be careful.
16 September 2022

Who Are the Crypto Shrimps and Whales?

Being a whale or a shrimp in the crypto industry is detrimental for defining what kind of investor you are: are you one to keep your assets or to rarely invest?
15 September 2022

How Transactions are Tracked Using Smart Contracts?

In the blockchain space, smart contracts are used to facilitate and verify transactions. Every time someone makes a crypto transfer from one address to another, it's recorded on the blockchain and becomes a part of its history.
14 September 2022

Why Is DeFi Better Than CeFi?

When investing in crypto it’s important to choose a system that guarantees full control over your own assets. DeFi remains transparent, anonymous and secure.
13 September 2022

Why Gas Fees Are Important to Crypto Transfers?

Gas fees are one of the biggest costs for moving cryptocurrency from one wallet to another. They're also an important part of many blockchain-based technologies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.
12 September 2022

Where Does Crypto Get Its Value From?

Although crypto is still quite a volatile market, there are some essential factors that contribute to its value, starting from scarcity, to utility.
12 September 2022

Why DeFi is better than Banks?

The banking industry has been around for centuries. In fact, the first bank was established in England in 1694, and since then it has been a major part of the economy.
08 September 2022

How Utility Tokens Can Help You Earn?

Utility tokens are another potential great tool that can help you make quite a significant profit in the crypto industry, but you must know how they work first.
06 September 2022

What Are the Metrics That Traders Can Use to Effectively Analyze DeFi Tokens?

The world of finance is changing, and so are the habits of traders. The way that you analyze your data can make or break your trading strategy.
05 September 2022

Why Is Web3 an Important Part of DeFi?

Web3 is slowly but surely taking a more palpable look in the crypto industry, and DeFi seems to play a pretty big role in the entire process and in its future.
04 September 2022

What is Industry 4.0?

The industrial world is on the cusp of a new era where data, machines, and humans will work together to create more efficient systems and better products. This is known as Industry 4.0, an evolution that aims to change manufacturing and other industries.
01 September 2022

Is DeFi part of Fintech?

Decentralized Finance gained plenty of popularity in recent years for the question “Can it be a part of Fintech?” to arise. It might not be the case just yet.
28 August 2022

How Can Cryptocurrency Battle Inflation?

Inflation has become a more pressing subject as of recent years, and people, including finance specialists, believe crypto can become a strong tool to fight it.
28 August 2022

How Are Digital Assets Like Crypto Creating an Impact for Investors?

While the digital asset industry continues to grow, more organizations, including financial institutions and governments, are adopting cryptocurrencies.
25 August 2022

What Are the Different Types of Crypto Investors?

The world of cryptocurrency has a lot of people. In fact, the market for digital currency is so large that it's hard to keep track of all the different types of investors involved in this movement.
25 August 2022

What Are Blockchain Oracles? How Can It Help Crypto Projects?

Blockchain oracles, despite some limitations, can be potentially useful for the crypto industry, as well as other important industries, using smart contracts.
22 August 2022

How Can On-Chain Voting Create an Impact on a Crypto Project?

Blockchain technology is not used only in financial transactions, but also to revolutionise the voting system. However, it impacts the crypto industry differently.
22 August 2022

Difference between Blockchain and Banking Ledgers

In the financial world, a blockchain ledger is a digital system that records transactions chronologically and verifies them using cryptography. A banking ledger is a paper-based system that records financial information to track money flow.
20 August 2022

How to determine a Red Flag vs Best Project?

The crypto market can be confusing to navigate for new users. Knowing how to identify red flags in projects is a must if you want to make safe investments.
19 August 2022

Is Lending in DeFi Safe?

DeFi lending has emerged as one of the most widely used financial services in the Defi world. DeFi lending allows crypto loans in a trustless manner without intermediaries and grants users to enlist their crypto coins on the platform for lending purposes.
17 August 2022

How Does AMM Work?

AMMs are part of the DeFi system and allow automated trading of digital assets by using liquidity pools instead of the traditional means of the market.
16 August 2022

How Do DeFi Platforms Earn?

Decentralized finance platforms have a number of potential revenue streams, and many of them have the potential to become profitable since they can pass all the expenses on to their users.
15 August 2022

Crypto Journey Stories from CSS Community – Part VII

We believe that cryptocurrency is a powerful tool for empowerment, so we want to share some stories of Coinswap Space people who have used crypto as a way to make their own innovative ideas become reality.
14 August 2022

Are Digital Assets the Future of Our Economy?

Digital assets are building a new promising landscape in the crypto market. With how dependent on them we became, they surely will influence our economy too.
11 August 2022

How to Grow Your Crypto Portfolio

A diversified portfolio is essential for crypto investors who seek well-balanced profits and minimal losses. This process also implies a lot of research.
10 August 2022

How to Make Money on Crypto During Bear Market?

In contrast to the relatively bullish period that the crypto market had at the close of 2021, the general trend in 2022 has been more bearish
09 August 2022

What Are the Standards of Project Management in Development When It Comes to DeFi?

DeFi development is not different from regular product development, regarding project management. However, there are some important protocols to be followed.
08 August 2022

Ways to Make Your DeFi Investments Profitable

The decentralized finance is a growing and worldwide alternative to the centralized and traditional financial system that places individuals at the core of a peer-to-peer system based on open-source blockchains.
04 August 2022

What are Crypto Pairs and Why Do Exchanges Have Them?

One of the most common reasons people choose to trade on an exchange is because they want to use fiat currency when trading cryptocurrencies.
03 August 2022

What Is Arbitrage Trading?

Arbitrage is a popular trading strategy, existing on multiple types of markets. It’s become a great strategy that crypto traders use to make a profit.
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